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Adult sanitary napkin machine

1.The main drive is achieved by connecting a No.45 hardened and tempered steel shaft, a universal joint clutch and a right angle gear box.
2.The components are driven by synchronous belt and gears.
3.The main pressing and cutting roller are driven by a universal joint cluth and it is easy
4.operate with the service life of cutting tools ensured.
5.The bearings, synchronous belts and electrical components are famous brands in China.

Adult sanitary napkin machine Description

1.Common and ultra thin fluff pulp sanitary towels can be produced.
2.Dust free paper ultra-thin sanitary towels can be made.
3. Fluff pulp is spread through pulp-collecting box, and wrapped and formed with liner of high 4.wet strength paper.
5.Interrupted or adjustable spraying of S.A.P can be selected.
6.Independent packing with sealing device, which is easy to be torn out.
If requested, a 3-pieces type solid shield apron and blue core piece or flow conducting short cut and dotting device can be supplied.
Stacker can be provided as requested by clients

Designed production speed

550 pcs/min

Stable production speed

economical sanitary napkin: 350-450  pcs/ min

Protective-leakage sanitary napkin: 300-400  pcs/ min

Machine power

55KW (380V 50HZ)(exclude glue applicators)

Overall size of equipment

16500×1200×2100mm (L×W×H)(crusher and auxiliary equipment are not included.)


about 21000kg